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A pleasant navigation just a few kilometers south of Punta Arenas. An excursion that will let you feel the sea breeze in a safe environment on a blanket of algae, which is the natural feeding habitat of numerous groups of dolphins.


A few kilometers south of Punta Arenas, there is a bay whose seabed is covered with algae forests, which become the natural feeding habitat for numerous groups of Austral Dolphins. On board a modern and safe boat, you will be able to circumnavigate through a raw natural environment, which will leave you with pleasant sensations. Given the clarity and purity of our southern seas, you will have the chance to rescue beautiful images and unforgettable memories.



"Meeting point, Bahía Agua Fresca, Km 26 south, route 9"

07:00 - Presentation time for check-in and boarding at the meeting point.

07:10 - Set sail for circumnavigation over the kelp forest. The navigation plan consists of the search in the sector where the Austral Dolphins and other species of marine fauna are.

08:10 - Disembarkation

Total duration of navigation 1:00 - 1.15 hours, approximately

Difficulty level : Medium Low

Boat Semi-rigid boat, zodiac type for 8 passengers.

The estimated navigation times will depend on each group and the weather and port conditions according to the maritime authority

Set sail subject to a minimum of 4 passengers.

Route and departure conditioned to weather conditions


Bring warm clothing, shoes, sunglasses, a sunscreen hat. (snack and/or water if you wish)


Value per person:

- $40,000 Adults

- $20,000 Minors up to 12 years old.

Does not include transfer to the boarding point.

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